Play Spider Solitaire Online

Spider Solitaire is one of the Classic Solitaire Games! The other being Klondike Solitaire or just plain Solitaire. You can play Klondike here. But for the moment, we are concentrating on Spider Solitaire.

There are three commonly played versions of Spider Solitaire. These can be chosen from the Options.

The common versions are in order of increasing difficulty Spider Solitaire one Suit, Spider Solitaire two Suits and Spider Solitaire (using all four suits).

How to setup Spider Solitaire

There are ten columns of cards called the Tableau. The Tableau in this case starting with the Seven of Hearts and finishing with the Nine of Hearts. Five cards are dealt onto each of the first five columns, and four are dealt into the remaining five columns.

The remaining cards (the Stock), are placed to the top left.

The eight cards in outline are called the Foundations. These are marked with either four hearts, two diamonds and two clubs or one of each suit.

These correspond to the type of Spider Solitaire that is being played. Spider Solitaire one suit uses only hearts. The Foundations are marked with hearts. Spider Solitaire two suit has two suits (diamonds and clubs). The Foundations are marked with diamonds and clubs. And so on.

How to play Spider Solitaire. 1

A single card can be moved and dropped onto any other card which is higher by one.

The King is the highest card, and the Ace is the lowest. E.g. A Queen can be dropped on an King or A Four can be placed on a Five.

In this example (from One Suit Spider Solitaire), an Eight of Hearts has been dropped on a Nine of Hearts.

How to play Spider Solitaire. 2

Runs of cards can be dragged and dropped as a group, only where the cards belong to the same suit.

This means that although it is possible to create descending groups of cards with different suits, it is only possible to move them individually - starting from the lowest card.

In fact, this is why it is best to create runs of cards using the same suit, and why the more suits in the game, the harder it is to complete.

The game below is Two Suit Spider Solitaire. There are two suits: diamonds and spades.

The sequence of cards on the left hand side from the Ten to the Eight of Spades can be dragged and dropped as a group of three cards. The Nine and Eight of Spades could also be moved together.

The King of Spades and Queen of Diamonds can not be moved together.

Spider Solitaire

As in other solitaires, the aim is to sort the shuffled cards by number and by suit. This is where the levels of difficuly arise. The more suits, the harder it is to sort the cards. The primary difference from other solitaires, is that in Spider Solitaire the player does not place the cards directly on the foundations.

This is done automatically when the Tableau contains a stack of cards, arranged from King to Ace in the same suit. At this point the stack can be removed from play and placed on a foundation.

The player can move cards, either in groups or individually, from row to row in the Tableau.

A single card can be placed only on a card with a higher number by one, regardless of its suit, or on an empty tableau space. E.g. a Jack can be placed on a Queen, or an Ace can be placed on a Two.

However, if the player wants to move a stack of cards, all the cards to be moved must belong to the same suit (and face up).

There is also a Stock of cards which the player can deal. Ten cards are dealt at once, one to each column on the Tableau. Cards cannot be dealt from the Stock if any column on the Tableau is empty.

Spider Solitaire. Rules in brief

Build sets of Cards from King to Ace on the Columns in suit. These are placed on the Foundations automatically when complete.

Columns can be built down in any suit.

Only cards in suit can be moved (and split). This is the primary difference between the three versions of Spider Solitaire. The card or groups of cards can be placed on any suitable card, and also on any empty column.

Click on the Stock for another deal. One card will be dealt to each column.


Cards can only be dealt when each column contains at least one card.

SpiderSolitaire.Day Scoring

The Scoring on SpiderSolitaire.Day is the similar to the Windows version.

The score starts at five hundred.

One point is subtracted for each move that you make.

One point is subtracted every time the Undo button is pressed.

Dealing cards isn't counted as a move.

The score is increased by one hundred 100 points are for each suit completed.

The maximum possible theoretical score is 1254. The chances of achieveing this astronomically small.

The method of scoring is identical in all three games.

Spider Solitaire Undo

The Undo on SpiderSolitaire.Day allows you to Undo until the most recent suit has been completed. If that isn't enough you can always play the same game again;)